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Car Trak™ is a Windows® application that tracks automotive vehicle
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Car Trak™ is a Windows® application that tracks automotive vehicle mileage, maintenance, expenses, and fuel economy (MPG, L/100km | KPL, or MPL).
It provides the "average" person with an easy to use interface and presents a full analysis of Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs, and Other expenses in a concise "summary" fashion, while keeping the full "detail" entries always available for examination or edits (if necessary). In other words ... you don't have to be a professional "Fleet Manager" to use and understand Car Trak and its reports!

The program is available in two "flavors" --- the Personal Edition includes all features & functions but is limted to five (5) vehicles maximum, while the Commercial Edition offers an unlimited number of vehicles and reduced pricing for additional multi-user licenses.

Main features:

-Options to use U.S. (miles, gallons, MPG) ·OR· Metric (kilometers, liters, L/100km or, optionally, Km per Liter) ·OR· U.K. (miles, liters, miles per liter) measurements.

-You can enter as much or as little as you want in order to track the "categories" that interest you. (For example, if you're only interested in tracking your fuel economy and expenses you can ignore the other categories and their corresponding functions.)

-Any data displayed in the various 'data grids' can be exported to a tab-delimited text file for later import into a spreadsheet or other 3rd party applications.

-You can easily switch between vehicles in the Car Trak system using a convenient drop-down listing.

-The program's Summary tab folder will furnish you with a "snapshot" of your current expenses to date, along with key calculated and "comparative" fields which help you determine if your vehicle is developing a problem or needs service.

-Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections, as well as user-defined Inspection Groups, can be set up for each vehicle in the system. Once set up the next due and last performed information will be automatically maintained by the program, allowing you to print a Scheduled Maintenance Due report (or a Work Order for your mechanic) whenever you wish.

- Scheduled maintenance can be set up and tracked using any combination of dates, odometer, and/or engine hours. The Fuel Log tab folder not only displays your individual data entry "detail" but also calculates the distance driven since the previous Fuel entry, cost per gallon/liter, and miles per gallon (or L/100km or KPL or MPL) for each item entered. Additionally, a line (or bar) graph plotting the MPGs (or L/100kms or KPLs or MPLs) for the last 10 fillups is displayed.

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